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Brain-Mag Pro™ (Magnesium L-Threonate) 90 Capsules
Only Form of Magnesium Shown to Effectively Increase the Brain's Magnesium Levels* Magtein® (Magnesium L-threonate) is a patented compound discovered by MIT scientists with strong evidence supporting cognitive functions and brain health. Significant improvement in executive function, working memory, attention...
Dhs. 200.00
Pterostilbene Pro 250 - 60 Capsules.
Prohealth Pterostilbene Pro 250 (250mg, 60 capsules). Powerful Antioxidant, More Bioavailable than Resveratrol. Activates sirtuins to support healthy aging* Boosts the effectiveness of NMN Supports cardiovascular health* Promotes brain cell health* A dimethylated derivative of resveratrol extracted from blueberries, Pterostilbene is...
Dhs. 165.00
B-12 Extreme (30 Lozenges)
Prohealth - B-12 Extreme (35MG, 30 Lozenges). The Most Potent Vitamin B-12 on Earth. For mental acuity, energy, liver support, and detoxification. Provides all four forms of B-12. Includes the only two biologically active forms of B-12. ProHealth's founder, Rich...
Dhs. 270.00
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