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Dhs. 78.00
Unbroken® - Advanced muscle recovery and immunity boost, used by the world’s fittest athletes before, during, and after exercise Refresh. Replenish. Renew.1 tube = 10 tablets = 10 drinks3 tubes = 30 tablets = 30 drinks12 tubes = 120 tablets = 120 drinks We exist to help you build a...
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Dhs. 78.00

Unbroken® - Advanced muscle recovery and immunity boost, used by the world’s fittest athletes before, during, and after exercise

Refresh. Replenish. Renew.

1 tube = 10 tablets = 10 drinks
3 tubes = 30 tablets = 30 drinks
12 tubes = 120 tablets = 120 drinks

We exist to help you build a stronger mind and body so you can live your healthiest life. Our fast-absorbing 4-in-1 solution to hydration, nutrition, immunity and fast recovery is made with natural ingredients and packed with the vitamins and amino acids you need to perform at your peak. From elite athletes to weekend warriors, and anyone looking for a more effective wellness routine, Unbroken keeps you balanced and energized so you can win the day.

With the right nutrients at the right time, we can all raise our game, whether we’re out to shatter world records or celebrate personal bests. That’s what fitness means to us. To feel the power of your own body. To trust the process. To keep going.

Undeterred. Unrelenting.


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What is Unbroken?

A unique product made of fresh Norwegian farmed salmon with a great natural citrus taste! Unbroken® RTR (Real-Time Recovery) is stacked with beneficial ingredients: 25 free-form amino acids and di-&-tri-peptides including BCAA, Creatine AA & EAA, and 11 vitamins & micronutrients. For more information, see below.

Its main ingredient is hydrolyzed fresh salmon protein, which provides amino acids in free form and in short peptides. That form of amino acids means they require minimum time and energy to process; instant muscle nutrition. 

Feel Great   | Fight Tiredness   | Boost Immunity 

Contents Per 1 Effervescent Tablet:
  • Amino acids: Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic acid & Asparagine, Cystine & Cysteine, Glutamic acid & Glutamine, Glycine, Histidine, Hydroxyproline, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Ornithine, Phenylalanine, Proline, Serine, Threonine, Thyroxin, Tryptophan, Tyrosine, Taurine, Valine.
  • Vitamins (% recommended daily allowance RDA): B1 (0.4%), B2 (0.3%), B3 (0.5%), B6 (0.7%), B9 (1.0%), B12 (60%), C (0.9%).
  • Micronutrients (% recommended daily allowance RDA): Calcium (0.022%), Chlorine (1.0%), Magnesium (0.1%), Phosphorus (2.5%), Potassium (20.2%), Selenium (14.1%), Natrium (0.8%), Iron (1.2%), Zinc (35.8%), Iodine (2.0%), Copper (9.1%).
  • Other ingredients: Citric acid, potassium hydrogen carbonate, maltodextrin, natural lemon flavor, natural grapefruit flavor, steviol glycosides.
  • Allergen Warning: Contains Atlantic Salmon (FISH)
    Further information:
    • Unbroken® RTR contains all 20 amino acids necessary for human protein synthesis.
    • Including all 9 essential amino acids (Isoleucine*, Leucine*, Valine*, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Histidine) *These are the 3 that form BCAAs and Glycine, Arginine and Methionine that form Creatine.
    • Including the 2 semi-indispensable amino acids Arginine and Histidine and including Cysteine.
    • Including all 9 dispensable amino acids.
    • Contains additional amino acids vital to other human metabolisms e.g. Cystine, Ornithine, Taurine, Thyroxine.
    • Essential amino acids are not produced by the body and must be ingested, mainly through food sources, on a daily basis.
    • Failure to get enough of even one of them can result in protein degradation because the human body does not store them for later.
    • Unbroken® RTR provides over 60% of amino acids in free form and the remainder in short-chain peptides (Average 374 Dalton). Unbroken® RTR can support the immune system as it contains in addition to the amino acids an extensive range of micronutrients including zinc, selenium, iron, potassium, calcium, and vitamins B and C.
    • Metabolic optimization for health, performance, and recovery. 

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


    Unbroken® RTR’s uniqueness comes from its main ingredient, hydrolyzed salmon protein. The fact that it is hydrolyzed facilitates fast absorption and therefore immediate bioavailability of all of Unbroken® RTR’s beneficial components, and they are plenty!

    Along with amino acids in both free form and bound as short peptides, it contains an impressive range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which on their own support and maintain vital functions in the body.

    By pairing hydrolysis and the subsequent bioavailability with the Unbroken natural amino blend (free form and short peptides) your body wastes little to no energy on digestion and Unbroken goes straight to work.

    That’s what we proudly call real-time recovery (RTR). That way you can be recovering while you’re still pushing yourself to the limit.

    General wellness and health 1
    Exercise or physical activity 2
    Working on your feet all-day 2

    Strenuous exercise, competitions or rehabilitation

    3 to 4

    1 to 4 tablets daily. Each tablet to be dissolved in a glass of water.

    **For a dosage over 4 tablets per day, consult your doctor first.

    Nutritional Information : 
        PER 100G PER 1 TAB. PER 4 TAB.
    ENERGY KCAL 258 17 68
      KJ 1082 70 280
    AMINO ACIDS G 75 1.13 4.5
    CARBOHYDRATES G 4.1 0.3 1.2
    FATS G 0.46 0.03 0.12



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